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Client Testimonials

Rowan Hanley
Rowan Hanley
Counsellor / Therapist - Lantern Counselling

During the previous year I have been lucky enough to have several hypnotherapy sessions with Dave White. I have found him to be insightful, kind and most importantly effective. Without exception I have left each session feeling more relaxed, positive and confident. Thanks Dave.

In my life I meet a large amount of high achievers who must have their emotional fitness in check. Almost all of them have a coach, and a coach that I consult with and refer my clients to is Dave White. Apart from his extraordinary skills and talents, the most impressive thing about Dave is that he 'applies' what he teaches into his own life. If you are a person looking to go beyond just understanding as to why you are not able to get through those 'hurdles'...speak with Dave White.

Geoffrey Dunnett
Geoffrey Dunnett
Recruitment Manager

I met Dave in a professional capacity about a year ago and have found him to be very skilled in his field and totally committed to achieving the desired outcomes of his clients. He is highly qualified, passionate, results driven, experienced, and personable and he has the communication skills needed to coach individuals or groups. As a recruitment manager dealing with many organisations, we are also offering Dave's services with confidence to our most loyal of customers in order to help improve their work place culture and productivity.

Luke Dixon
Luke Dixon
Evolution Therapies

In growing my new business I was facing challenges that were holding me back. Working with Dave has helped me to break free of my self-imposed limitations and learn that building a business can be fun! Dave always saw my potential, and through the work we did together, I was able to see it too. Thanks Dave!

Lisa Garner
Lisa Garner
NLP Master Practitioner

Dave has performed several NLP techniques on me and also some hypnotherapy. I am extremely impressed with his ability to patiently persist, no matter how long it takes, until the desired outcome is achieved.
The hypnotherapy was particularly effective and I went under more deeply than ever before. He is very professional and has an outstanding grasp of linguistic techniques.

Zac Evans
Zac Evans
Musician, Recording Artist

My time with Dave saw me develop a much keener awareness of negative self talk. Dave coached me through changing some of the habits through which I had been holding myself back. My motivation is up, my overall outlook is up, my time management skills are up and productivity is up. Two thumbs up