Stop Smoking Addictions

With all the scientific reasons around health and longevity for yourself but also for those around you including children and loved ones there has never been a better time or reason to quit smoking and we have the best way we know how to do it.


We’ve learnt that one size fits all therapy won’t work for smokers. Everybody has ther own reasons around why they smoke.
If you are lucky smoking is just a habit, often in a social setting, and is easily broken.
However, smoking is almost always a coping mechanism. Some form of low level stress or ‘stress or anxiety’ is the most common reason people have a Cigarette.


If you quit without dealing with the stress you are more likely to come back to smoking down the track, or turn to something else (usually food) to alleviate the angst.
We deal with whatever sits with the smoking “patterns” and give you something to replace them with.


The same is true for other addictive behaviours. Binge drinking, marijuana and amphetamines can all be dealt with once you get to the underlying factors. If you are committed, then you have already half way there. The good news is that although you might be dependent on a drug, we do not actually believe anyone is actually physically addicted to cigarettes, or in deed, any substance. With our help, you will see how resourceful you really are