Sport Music Study Career

Rocky had Mickey
Andre Agassi had Tony Robbins


Those that achieved excellence, all had coaches…
If your finding it hard to stay concentrated and focused, or procrastinating, or wasting opportunities, because you cant get it together.


The some Strategy Coaching is what you need.
Someone to see the things you can’t see your for yourself. Someone who see’s your whole game, and can work with your strengths, and work with you on your weaknesses. Someone to keep you accountable. Someone to help you through your blocks, helping you to connect and use all your internal resources. Someone to show how you what you do great and how to recreate that consistently, and at will. Someone to show how to quiet and change that inner voice, that inner conversation, to something more supportive.


Sport, Business and Career, Music Performance, Teaching, Leadership and Communication even relationship. The uses for a coach and strategy, in getting your mental and emotional fitness all in check, and in opening up the space, and connecting you to what it is you really want and removing the obstacles in achieving your goal is something we can provide using Hypnosis and NLP and coaching strategies.


There are many famous cases, of the use of hypnosis in achievement, and Peak performance. From Jimmy Connors, to Tiger Woods. Even Mozart is said to have composed an entire opera under Hypnosis. Steve Hooker Olympic Gold Medal winning athlete used a hypnotherapist, the list goes on and on.

In a study / learning sense, there are very definite strategies that can be easily learnt, to increase your reading and comprehension, and understanding of how you learn.

David’s own personal use of hypnotherapy, and hypnosis, and having a strategy coach helped him in many ways from his initial exposure to hypnosis at the age of 15, keeping a clarity and mental focus achieving his Black Belt In Kung-fu at the age of 17, and his third degree black belt at 20, each degree consisting of a grading that lasted for 6 hours with just a 2 minute rest every hour. That is something that requires tremendous mental focus. As well as setting and using anchors and understanding how he did what he did as a professional Singer and Musician. David also employed a vocal coach and still has ongoing support from him, so that he can remain consistent, and recreate a consistently high or sometimes and even greater standard in performance whether it be to small crowd or to many many thousands.


What would it be like to learn easily, or perform at much more consistent and efficient level, with absolute focus.
With Strategic Hypnotherapy and David White, you too have access to the technology that has helped many achieve outstanding results and subsequently outstanding lives.