Self Confidence is a skill

Self Confidence skill

Self Confidence

Self Confidence is a skill. In my Sydney Hypnotherapy Clinic, I often see clients who come, seeking and wanting to be more confident. To have more self confidence.  It is most definitely something that can be learnt and developed.

Self confidence has been described as a feeling of trust in one’s abilities, qualities, and judgement.

I would add that ultimately people, mostly would want have that knowingness , that feeling, that sense, that no matter the circumstance, they will be ok. That you can cope, or that in a performance situation, sporting, career, intimate and others that you can perform at a level of excellence under any amount of pressure.

There is a subset of skills within the skill of self confidence that we teach through hypnosis. A salient question is, how do you expect to have confidence in something you have never done, tried or experienced before?

There is certainly a case for repetition, breaking things down and a number of other strategies. including how people interpret results such as not getting things right first second or third go, is it failure or feedback? Is it an indicator to stop, or an opportunity to grow? How do you deal with rejection? With the internal dialogue, how do you decide which bit to listen too? How do you self assess? And more…

There is also definitely distinctions to be made, in terms of over confidence.

Hypnotherapy is a great tool for experiential learning. It has been shown through numerous studies, with the right strategies, to deliver results in a much faster fashion. As a tool for developing self confidence our experience is that we can assist in creating lasting results relatively quickly.

Good Self confidence, can be useful in many areas including, career, sport, intimate relationships. and almost any other area you can think of…

If you are feeling like you need a boost in this area, contact David J White – Sydney Hypnotherapist at the Strategic Hypnotherapy Clinic, or book in via the online portal. Your ultimate future, might just thank you for it.

In the mean time here is a great video again from the Tedx series… with some useful commentary about Self Confidence

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