Pain Management

From a hypnosis point of view there is an absolute mind body connection.
Hypnosis has been used effectively for many many years, in pain management and pain control. Its uses include medical and dental procedures as well as chronic pain reduction and elimination.


It is Important to remember that pain is an attention seeker. By that, it is your body’s way of providing you a signal. Pay attention!

Very often there is an emotional undercurrent to pain. Whatever its cause
It is important to thoroughly check out with your doctor such symptoms. and take the appropriate action.

With hypnotherapy for pain management, appropriate suggestions are offered so that at times when you really need to pay attention your unconscious mind will allow the discomfort signal to be adequate enough to alert you when required, and for the rest of the time to allow you to have a greater sense of comfort so you can get on with your day to day activities whatever they might be much easier.


Hypnosis has been shown to reduce the physical trauma and speed the recovery time post surgery. And the prevalence of its use in birthing and pregnancy has shown time and time again that it assists in delivering a quicker birth with less trauma to both the child and the mother.

Psychosomatic pain / conditions also respond favourably to hypnosis and hypnotherapy…
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