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Anxiety Stress Phobias Panic Attacks

Anxiety and stress are two of the most common and presenting conditions in society today.
Both are significant in its effects on health, friendships and intimate relationships, pain, decision making, sleep, career, performance, almost any and every area.  Hypnotherapy is become a more and more accepted and useful, treatment approach to help people overcome anxiety stress panic attacks and phobias.


In some it can be a constant inner conflict, and in extreme cases it can manifest into panic ‘attacks’ or even into a full blown phobia. After a while it can perpetuate, into being anxiety or fear about the occurrence of the anxiety or fear. which very often lead to the experience you don’t want to happen.

Very often people turn to alcohol or drugs or other destructive habits to cope because they haven’t learned other skills to relax and cope.

Using Hypnosis as tool, we help you rediscover and or learn those skills or if needed teach you those skills, and show you how you can have them available to you on command. Even at its most basic basic level, hypnosis itself is a fantastic way to relax. We can also teach you self hypnosis, and beyond that deliver new ways to cope, and to instantly diffuse stress.


In the case of phobias we have a very successful model for getting you past your phobia without 10 years of therapy.
With Hypnosis and NLP we will show you how you do what you do, provide you some new tools, optimise the way you look and feel about yourself so you can get back to living Your Life on Your Terms